Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Special Ultra deep-freeze containers for highly sensitive materials

The development of medicinal products and special chemicals requires special solutions in terms of the storage infrastructure. Temperatures of -80 °C and lower are often needed. GABLER develops and builds special solutions for renowned pharmaceutical companies. These include special containers with redundant refrigerated chambers of up to -45 °C and airlocks at -25 °C, plus container systems with temperatures of up to -80 °C that save over CHF 100,000 annually.

With these innovations, GABLER is able to meet special demands from highly specialized companies. In all cases, our solutions are tailored to your needs in terms of cooling technology, size, interior design and redundancy.

Added value for chemical and pharmaceutical companies – your benefits

  • High-performance cooling system with temperatures of -80 °C and lower
  • High operational safety thanks to redundant cooling system
  • Maximum storage capacity with fixed rack system in line with customer wishes
  • Optimum efficiency thanks to thick insulation that satisfies energy regulations
  • Complete dependability thanks to remote monitoring and temperature tracking via plot data
  • SUVA-compliant safety equipment for personal safety
  • User-friendly design thanks to separate loading airlock (-25 °C)
  • Ready-to-fit system can be installed anywhere
  • Flexible design thanks to three size options
  • Developed and constructed in Switzerland with specialist cooling technology
  • High-quality construction in typical GABLER quality in line with Swiss industry standards
  • Long-term maintenance and servicing by Swiss network partners
  • Fewer resources needed compared to solutions with individual deep-freeze cabinets
  • Flexible use thanks to tailored planning and production
  • Use of one cooling system for multiple deep-freeze compartments
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs

Suitable for pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals – our product range


Our product range – Standard, Combi, Special, Ultra

«We were on the lookout for a system that could be integrated into our processes, reaches temperatures of -45 °C, and comes with two redundant cooling chambers with an airlock cooled to -25 °C. As a system like this didn’t exist, GABLER developed and built one for us.»

Hansjörg Bachmann, Site Manager, MSD BioPharma Werthenstein

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