Food industry

Guaranteed freshness thanks to reliable refrigeration and deep-freezing

Refrigeration and deep-freezing play an important role in the production process, particularly for food and products containing no preservatives. Enterprises that produce and process food rely on a fully functioning refrigerated/deep-freeze infrastructure to guarantee the freshness and quality of their products.

For seasonal products in particular, it can be a good idea to produce in advance during quieter periods to prepare for periods with peak sales. However, this can only succeed with absolutely reliable refrigeration and deep-freezing. Containers from GABLER Systemtechnik can be used to further increase production capacities, thus leading to improved efficiency.

As the mobile refrigerated and deep-freeze containers from GABLER are not fixed in a certain location, maximum flexibility is guaranteed. In contrast to permanently installed cell solutions, the mobile containers can be easily integrated into changing layouts or even moved to a different production site.

Added value for the food industry – your benefits

  • Refrigerated, deep-freeze and combined containers available to buy or lease
  • Mobile, flexible refrigerated/deep-freeze solutions for production and storage
  • Binding standards for reliable, interruption-free operation
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Low electricity costs thanks to high efficiency
  • Design and technical construction of the cooling system in typical Swiss quality
  • Absolute conformity with legal regulations

  • Professional service 24/7 for immediate assistance in the event of malfunctions

  • Flexible financing via leasing for purchased systems



The perfect solution for food producers – our product range

GABLER Ultra containers – a success story

GABLER Container sind komplett mobil und deshalb flexibel und einfach einsetzbar.

Auch die Nachhaltigkeit wird berücksichtigt, die gut isolierten und energieeffizienten GABLER Container sind für einen Umbau genau das Richtige.

Jeder Container ist mit einem Streifenvorhang ausgestattet.

«We were on the lookout for a solution when redesigning our store, production facilities and warehouse. GABLER won us over with a flexible solution. One container was used as our refrigerator, and the second as a combination of refrigerator and deep-freeze. Thanks to the networked infrastructure and uncomplicated planning, we were able to keep our entire company running during the almost one year of construction.»

Daniel Weber, owner of Weber Buttikon butchers

GABLER at your service – our expertise