GABLER Ultra containers

Highly specialized deep-freezing – up to -110 °C for chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Companies working with pharmaceuticals or specialty chemicals are particularly innovative when it comes to developing new products and preparations. As a result, high-performance deep-freeze systems are required for the storage of highly sensitive medicinal products and chemicals.

We developed our Ultra container in cooperation with a German company who specializes in high-performance cooling technology. This brings a range of benefits for research institutions and manufacturers from the chemicals and pharmaceuticals branch.

  • Outstanding cooling performance up to -110 °C
  • Redundant cooling system for maximum operational reliability
  • Flexible design of interior fixtures

  • High levels of operational reliability

  • Low operating costs thanks to energy efficiency

  • Maximum storage capacity with fixed rack system

  • Highest levels of energy efficiency thanks to thick insulation 

  • Absolute reliability through remote monitoring and maintenance

  • Remote access for temperature control, corrections, thawing, etc.
  • SUVA-compliant safety equipment for personal safety
  • User-friendly design thanks to separate loading airlock (-20 °C)
  • Ready-to-fit system can be installed anywhere
  • Flexible design thanks to three size options
  • Positioning directly on the floor or via swap body on a loading ramp or with direct building access
  • Developed and manufactured in Switzerland with German technology
  • High-quality construction in typical GABLER quality in line with Swiss standards
  • Long-term maintenance and servicing by Swiss network partners
  • Fewer resources needed compared to individual deep-freeze cabinets
  • Flexible use thanks to tailored planning and production (custom-made)
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs compared to individual deep-freeze cabinets

GABLER Ultra containers – highly specialized use



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GABLER Ultra containers – a success story

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