Care homes and hospitals

Specialist refrigeration and deep-freezing for healthcare institutions

Due to structural changes, infrastructure planning in the healthcare sector is often only possible in the short or medium term. With this in mind, a refrigerated and/or deep-freeze solution that is easy to transport and can be installed anywhere is the perfect solution. In contrast to permanently installed refrigeration cells, GABLER containers are flexible and mobile. Positioned on an exterior wall and with direct access (for example, from the kitchen), GABLER containers leave all options open for subsequent restructuring.

Choosing a certain temperature range is also not needed – all GABLER containers are designed so they can be used in temperatures above and below zero. This means that a refrigerated container can be converted in an instant to a deep-freeze container. Combi containers with two independent chambers even offer both options in one.

Food hygiene and uninterrupted operation are among the most important requirements of any technical system in the healthcare sector. Our containers are designed and built to the highest quality. They are SUVA-compliant and meet strict HACCP standards. Furthermore, GABLER containers can also be controlled and monitored remotely.

Added value for care homes and hospitals – your benefits

  • Refrigerated, deep-freeze and combined containers available to buy or lease
  • Mobile, flexible refrigerated solutions for kitchens in care homes and hospitals, plus for the storage of samples and medication
  • Binding standards for reliable, interruption-free operation
  • Compliance to Swiss standards in the design and technical construction of the cooling system
  • Absolute conformity with legal regulations
  • Professional service 24/7 for immediate assistance in the event of malfunctions

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GABLER Ultra containers – a success story

Besonders bei der Lebens-mittelsicherheit verträgt es im Gesundheitsbereich, in Heimen und Spitälern, keine Kompromisse…

… GABLER zeigt Ihnen auf welche Vorteile die mobilen und flexiblen Kühl- und Tiefkühlcontainer mit sich bringen, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Bedürfnisse von Gesundheitseinrichtungen.

Auch im Temperaturbereich müssen Sie sich mit einer Kühllösung von GABLER Systemtechnik nicht entscheiden. Unsere Container sind so konzipiert, dass sie im Plus- wie im Minusbereich funktionieren.

«We needed a deep-freeze solution that will only remain in place for two to three years, after which the space will be taken up by a building extension. GABLER took a look at our requirements and quickly suggested the ideal solution, namely a mobile deep-freeze container that we could lease according to our needs.»

Roger Bütler, Head Facility Management, Willisau Nursing Center

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